How to Make a Spy Watch

How to Make a Spy Watch

Everyone wants to be James Bond, to be a spy there’s nothing better for you to nab than a nifty spy watch. You could either go for those sophistically engineered gadgets or make your own! Explained below are the steps on how you can craft a DIY spy watch that can make way for an obscure compartment to hide secret stuff. 


Method 1

If you want to place something relatively smaller, like a piece of paper to smuggle into an exam hall or just a secret message only meant for you, then this method is ideal. You don’t need any special tools for this DIY. All you need is a cheap analog watch that still ticks, a quality glue, a flat bench, or a wooden plank to do the project on, eyewear, watch, or jeweler’s screwdriver, to de-install the analog watch, and whatever stuff you want to hide inside the frame of the device. Let’s get into it. (1, 2)

Step 1: Find yourself an old watch that still works. Make sure it’s ticking because we need the perfect camouflage. If you don’t have an old watch to spare, you can buy one for an exponentially cheap rate. Go for an analog one.

Step 2: Use a sharp object to take off the straps and the back of the watch. The method to remove the back can differ from watch to watch. But most analog watches are dismantled the same way. You can use an eyewear screwdriver to do the job. Ensure the task is perfectly executed because we want a functional clock by the time we’re done. If you unscrew any tiny fasteners, make sure that you set them aside for safekeeping, you’d need it again while screwing the back on. 

Step 3: The inner frame of the watch’s back can be used as a message holder. You can write something on a tiny piece of paper, and glue it to the back, and screw it again. The message will stay intact for as long as you want, forever if nobody cares to unscrew and unearth the message again. 

Step 4: Let the glue dry before you install the watch again. Ensure that while you’re working on the project, the watch is carefully placed on a flat surface, face down, so the inner pieces of the watch that keeps the thing ticking, don’t displace or spill from their original position. Disrupting the positions might hinder the functioning of the appliance, or even make it defunct. Once the message has been carefully placed, put the back of the watch on again, and screw the fasteners that were removed with the eyewear screwdriver. You’re all done!The above method is suitable if you wish to place a secret message within the watch. However, if you want to add something else into the mix, and require more space for it, read on to know an alternative method, which will give you more room for your secret stuff.


Method 2 

While the above method is great for hiding tiny slips if you want more space for your stuff, then this method is perfect. Although, for this, you might have to scour a few things from your house, or buy them from a store with some pocket change. Find yourself two bottle caps of the same size as the face of the watch, duct tape preferably black, a flat wooden plank to work on or a desk, a cheap analog watch, a plier, and an eyewear screwdriver to unscrew the back of the watch.

Step 1: Grab an old watch, or buy a cheap one from the store. Take off the straps of the watch, using a fitting tool. Pliers can be used for this if you don’t have anything else, and if the straps are made of rubber. Unscrew the back of the same, as we did in the first step of the previous method. 

Step 2: Find two bottle caps. These caps will render additional room to the back of your watch. Be mindful of the capsize you choose. The radius of the cap should match that of the watch, so the two blend perfectly. Disproportionate size may throw off the whole deception, or may even render it useless as the watch won’t fit. 

Step 3: Glue the bottle caps to each other. You can also use duct tape if all else fails. Ensure that the caps are secured tightly and don’t slip off one another. If you want to store something relatively big, choose a watch with a larger face, and correspondingly, bigger bottle caps. This is the compartment where you will be hiding your spy stuff. 

Step 4: The next challenge is to blend the watch face and the caps in such a way that distinguishing one from the other is tricky. You could show your creativity and make the caps obscure. Paint, nail polishes, black permanent markers, anything you think will camouflage the cap would work. Ensure that the disguise is water and heat proof. If not anything else, you could go for a regular black color duct tape. Black can often go unnoticed. However, if the watch is of different color, you might want to use a tape similar to that hue. Otherwise, the black would just stand out. 

Step 5: Neatly attach the strap backs on. Ensure that while disguising the caps, the outlets for the straps are not covered, otherwise, it’ll be tricky to install those back again. Note: Choose lightweight substances, such as paper chits, to store within the watch’s compartment. Anything too hulking will either impede the functioning of the watch or damage it internally beyond repair. It’s a watch after all.



Creating your own DIY spy watch is not only inexpensive but also super fun and innovative. It all boils down to how carefully you follow the instructions. However, the two methods elucidated above are perhaps the easiest ways to make your own spy watch that actually works. In this article, we have outlined two ways of making a DIY watch. 


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