How to Make a Spy Camera

How to Make a Spy Camera

Are you here because you are curious about how to make a spy camera by yourself? If that is the case, we have a few effective methods that you can try to create your very own spy cam. It will enable you to beef up security, while you save money.We bring to you some crafty tips to make a spy cam out of regular items, usually lying around in a household. Let's dive into the details of every method, and I assure you that all of them are quick and easy to make. 


How to Make a Spy CCTV Camera at Home 

For this one, all you need is a phone camera, a USB cable, a pen drive, a working phone, and OTG cable.

Step 1: First off, take an old mobile and keep it on your table. Now, carefully remove the back panel, and you can find the camera with an attached small metal part. You only need the camera lens, so take that particular part out and store it.

Step 2: Second off, take a working USB cable. Keep it straight, and now you would have to cut the cable. Make sure to cut the cable in the ratio of 1:4. After cutting the cord, remove the rubber or fiber layer around the wires. You can cut two wires from the small cable, each with a 5cm length. From the long cord, trim down the protective layer up to 5cm.

Step 3: Take the camera lens from before and keep it on a stand. Now, seal two short electric wires and two long wires from the cable to the metal panel of the camera. (1)

Step 4: The next step is to take the pen drive and open it’s cover to reveal a green board with several lines and strips on it. Use metal clippers to gently remove this green board.

Step 5: Keep this green board on the stand. Connect the two ends of long wires to the sides of the gold-plated metal part. Afterwards, seal the remaining ends of the two short wires below the black part.

Step 6: Now, attach a small piece of double-sided tape on the back of the green board. Remove the paper cover and connect the back part of the camera to the double-sided tape. The green board has a micro SD card slot, and you have to keep an 8GB memory card on it.  

Step 7: Now, take an OTG cable and connect the USB cable to it. Attach the other end of the OTG cable to your phone and install the USB camera app from the play store. After installing it, give the necessary permissions, and then your spy camera will start recording the view. (2)


Making A Wireless Stuffed Toy Spy Camera

This method is also easy. It is perfect for people who are not confident to make a spy camera from scratch.

Step 1: First of all, you have to buy a small-sized spy camera. Before choosing the camera, you need to consider a few things. It is better to buy only a round-shaped camera because it resembles a toy eye. There are many online websites where you can purchase a spy camera. Besides that, they are also available in local hardware stores.

Step 2: If you have many stuffed toys in your home, it is better to select a toy that is dark in color and has pitch-black eyes. Due to this, no one would get suspicious of the doll. If you have the perfect stuffed toy and camera, you can move to the next step. If you bought the spy camera from outside, you only need to install it in the right place inside the toy.

Step 3: Now, remove one eye of the toy and take the spy camera to install it. While fixing the camera, make sure to keep the lens in the accurate field of view. After you are done, it is better to check how it works before using it for its real objectives.  

Step 4: When the camera records the video, you should watch it as a trial run. Make sure to check the viewing angle, and if the field of view is skewed, you can open the stuffed toy and adjust the lens.

Step 5: If everything is perfect, starting from video resolution to angle, you can start using your stuffed toy as a spy camera.  


Creating A Spy Pen Camera

Here is the spy camera model which you can use for office or outdoors. You can use the two-in-one spy pen camera for writing/signing documents and recording the video.

Step 1: The primary thing is to collect all the necessary materials. You need a tiny-sized camera lens that can fit in the pen body. Besides the camera, you must have an LED light, USB port, rechargeable battery, and PCB circuit board with a micro SD card slot.

Step 2: After gathering the materials, bring all the different model pens you have. It is time to choose the right-sized pen which can fit the camera lens and other elements. You can select the model that looks like an ink pen and make sure that it has a wider body and more inner space. Never choose a pen that has a small and slim design.

Step 3: Open the pen and install the camera. Below the click button, keep the recording on/off switch. It is better to place the tiny camera close to the lid of the pen. Besides that, keep the SD card on the board and install it inside the pen near the lens.

Step 4: After setting up everything, click on the recording button to capture the video. After that, open your mobile phone to watch the video recording.  


Bottom Line

Even without using much money or high-end resources, one can easily make the spy camera in the home with household or typical items. With a slight understanding of skills and material availability, anyone can prepare a hidden cam.  Have you decided which one you opt? Making your own? Or buying one of the best spy cameras this year!. Until next time!


(1) electric wires - OTG cable -