Does Airbnb Have Hidden Cameras?

Does Airbnb Have Hidden Cameras?

Airbnb has revolutionized the way people travel through its cheap yet comfortable rentals but with their quick success came lax monitoring of their units. Many guests are concerned whether they're being secretly recorded with good reason.

Airbnb hidden cameras are certainly a possibility. Airbnb has strict rules regarding which cameras are allowed to monitor guests on the property. Hosts are required to inform the guests about the presence of any cameras. These cameras are only allowed in common areas however hosts can still place hidden cameras to record the guests secretly and illegally without the service knowing. 

Protect yourself by learning about Airbnb's policy about cameras and how to spot hidden cameras. 


Does Airbnb Allow Cameras to Record Guests?

Any Airbnb rental is strictly not allowed to have hidden cameras


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Using a hidden camera recording device to monitor guests is certainly not legal. After all, as an Airbnb guest, you want to relax and not worry whether the alarm clock has a hidden camera. Hosts are not allowed to place any hidden camera recording devices and will be penalized if found guilty of such. 

Keep in mind that Airbnb has certain exceptions regarding camera recording devices. In particular, Airbnb hosts are allowed to install disclosed cameras.

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Disclosed cameras are recording devices located in visible public spaces. It could be security cameras located in driveways and door fronts. These devices should only monitor public and common spaces to ensure safety. Hosts should not use them to disrupt guest privacy. 




Airbnb requires hosts to place security cameras in noticeable locations and include them in the listing description. 

The listing description should be transparent about how many cameras are installed around the property and where. Hosts are required to inform the guests about the cameras. Furthermore, they should only act as security cameras for the host and guest's safety. 

Unfortunately, the rules get tricky when it comes to deactivated cameras. 

Cameras recording devices are allowed in private spaces if they're deactivated. They should not be actively recording or connected to any advanced network security. However, the earlier rules regarding transparency should still apply. Hosts are bound by the agreed privacy policy to inform the guest if there are any deactivated cameras in private spaces. 


Spotting Hidden Cameras in Your Airbnb

The rising reports of hidden cameras in bedrooms and bathrooms caused guests a great deal of anxiety.

Proactively searching Airbnb for any hidden camera recording device is the best way to ensure your safety. That's because hidden cameras differ from huge, noticeable security cameras. They take a bit of effort to spot. It could be as small as a coin or hidden within certain objects. 


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The best way to spot hidden camera recording devices is through lens reflection. 

Turn off all the lights and scan the area using a flashlight or laser pointer. Look for any bright reflections, particularly tiny circular ones. Inspect every nook and cranny of the room multiple times. Also, inspect any vents, holes, or gaps in the walls and ceilings. Do this for every room on the Airbnb. 

You can also use RF detectors to scan the room for wireless cameras. 


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Radio Frequency or RF detector monitors for radiowaves are used in wireless transmissions. Sweep around the room using the device. The device will buzz or beep if any wireless signals are detected. The catch, however, is that an RF detector cannot detect wired and record-only cameras. It will not respond to any hidden cameras that are not transmitting wirelessly.

You can use your Airbnb's access to local networks to spot hidden wireless cameras. 

Use the app store Google play to find a network watcher app. This app shows the types and number of gadgets and devices connected to the same local network. Don't be afraid to ask the host if you see anything suspicious, like an unidentified gadget. On the other hand, the host can set up the hidden cameras on a different network, so using these network watchers from apps google play store is not a full-proof method. 

Ask the host whether the property has a home automation system and whether you can access it. 

A home automation system controls the entire property. It manages all the devices and gadgets connected to it. Inspect the system's menu. Access the list of connected devices and whether there are any cameras connected. Remember that hidden cameras not connected to the home automation system will not appear on this list. 



Things to Do When You Spot Hidden Cameras

Hidden camera recording devices in Airbnb are a serious invasion of privacy. 

Take note of the location of the hidden cameras by documenting them with videoes and photos. Immediately contact local law enforcement and inform them that your landlord is recording you inside the property without permission. Tell them that you have direct evidence of this. Stay away from rooms with hidden cameras while waiting for law enforcement.

Don't stay any longer than needed once law enforcement arrives at the Airbnb.

Cite invasion of privacy using hidden cameras with Airbnb. Contact the Airbnb help center if you encounter any struggles with the report or the host. Don't let the host or anyone convince you to don't file the report. Of course, your safety is still a priority, so ensure that you're in a safe area before doing this. 




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