Best Cellular Security Camera (10 of my Top Picks)

Best Cellular Security Camera (10 of my Top Picks)

Whether you are far off in the wilderness in a cabin or have some other specific use case like hunting for your cellular security camera, I will go through my top list of the best and favorites below.

These cameras are top-rated and have demonstrated unmatched capabilities:

I will go into more detail below.

1. Best for Outdoor Use: SOLIOM S600 3G/4G LTE

Key Features:

  • Outdoor
  • Solar Powered
  • Wireless
  • Pan Tilt 360°View Spotlight
  • 1080p Night Vision
  • 2 Way Talk
  • PIR Motion Sensor
  • No Wi-Fi
  • US Version


Further Details:

4G Cellular Coverage Requires a Monthly Data Plan:

The Soliom S600 4G cellular security camera can be used anywhere in the United States with 4G LTE coverage. Cellular data plans for the prepaid Sim card range from $14.90/month to $199.9/year per camera, or you can use your phone's additional line.

Solar and high-capacity batteries:

With a built-in 9000mAh high-capacity rechargeable battery, the outdoor security camera can operate independently during a power outage. The solar panel can provide continuous power to the S600 4G wire-free security camera.

Pan Tilt and Wide Angle:

The tilt angle reaches 320° horizontally and 90° vertically. The camera has a 3X digital zoom giving you a much broader and more flexible view for home security, and it can almost provide complete coverage without blind spots. You can control the pan-tilt feature remotely using the soliom+ App.

Alert for Immediate Motion Detection:

The wireless security camera system with a 120° angle captures all human movements steadily. It uses a highly sensitive PIR motion sensor with accurate software pixel analysis technology to double control and reduce false alarms. Your phone will receive notifications immediately.

Simple to assemble and store:

Mount the security camera. Insert the SIM and SD cards, scan the QR code with the soliom+ App, and you're done.


  1. 100% Wire-Free.
  2. No Wi-Fi is required; the camera is powered by a 3G/4G LTE tower and can thus be used anywhere there is cell service. 
  3. Motion Sensitive: The built-in advanced PIR movement sensor detects any motion in the area and sends an instant alert to your phone.


  • You can only point the camera in certain directions because of how the camera must be positioned for charging.

2. Best Overall: 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera With SD/SIM Card

Product Overview:

  • Recommendations - Security or monitoring for farms, campgrounds, ranches, countryside, construction sites, barns, and job sites
  • Brand - Ebitcam
  • Technology for Connectivity - Cellular Network 4G LTE
  • Unique/special features- Motion Sensor, Night Vision
  • Designed for outdoor application.


About the Product

Design and Location:

This 4G LTE Cellular Camera can work anywhere nationwide with 4G LTE coverage, 100% wired-free, and no Wi-Fi required.

4G SIM Card with Broad Compatibility

This no-Wi-Fi security camera works with Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T's 4G networks. The package includes an EIOTCLUB prepaid 4G LTE SIM card with 100M of free data for seven days.

Battery Capacity:

The camera has a large-capacity battery, a high-efficiency solar panel, a 10400mAh rechargeable battery, and a 5W solar panel.


2K video capture and full coverage with its built-in spotlight and advanced image sensor, this 4G home camera can capture 2K photos/videos even at night.

PIR Motion Detection, 32GB SD Card Included:

Advanced technology and a highly sensitive PIR motion sensor were used to double control and reduce false alarms.


  • Highly sensitive PIR motion
  • 2K Resolution enhances the clarity of images


  • The camera solely depends on a Wi-Fi connection. Any interruption affects the data or footage.
  1. Runner-up: Soliom S800C-4G LTE - Cellular Security Camera

Product Overview:

  • Product Recommendations - Outdoor
  • Brand – SOLIOM
  • 4G-S800C - model number
  • The technology of Connectivity - -Wireless
  • Unique Feature - Motion Sensor, PTZ Technology, and HD Resolution

About the Product


Pan Tilt and Wide Angle:

The 4G LTE security camera outdoor wireless system can turn its head 320° horizontally and 90° vertically, as well as 3X digital Zoom (No optical zoom).  The pan-tilt feature can be controlled remotely using the soliom+ App.

Spotlight Color and 1080P Full HD Video Night Vision:

The wireless cameras for home security provide 1080P full HD video day and night, and the 4g camera's spotlight will work at night to allow you to see more details in the dark - up to 25ft.

Suitable for locations without Wi-Fi or electricity:

The Soliom S800C-4G Cellular Camera can work anywhere in the United States with 3G/4G LTE coverage; no Wi-Fi is required.

Solar Powered and High Capacity Battery:

With a built-in 14400mAh high-capacity rechargeable battery, this security camera can operate independently during a power outage. 

Easy Installation:

Simply mount the solar security camera, insert the SIM card, scan the QR code with the soliom+ App, and that's all there is to it!


  • Easy installation
  • High capacity battery – 14400mAh
  • Can work without Wi-Fi connectivity


  • The data is vulnerable to hackers.

4. Also Great: Reolink 4G LTE

Product Overview:

  • Recommended Uses - Pet Monitoring, Game and Trail, Outdoor Security
  • Brand - REOLINK
  • Model Name - Reolink Go Plus+Solar Panel
  • Connectivity Technology - 4G LTE
  • Special Features - Local Recording, HD Capture/resolution, 2-Way Audio, High-resolution Night Vision, and Motion Sensor/detection.

Detailed Description


Wireless cellular security camera:

This camera employs 4G LTE network technology to provide wireless security. The Reolink Solar Panel ensures that it never runs out of power, giving you more charging options.

2K Resolution and 33ft night vision:

This wireless security camera captures sharp, clear footage with a 4MP resolution for greater visual detail. Its infrared LEDs provide superior image quality for your nighttime recordings, with a night vision range of up to 10 meters (33 feet).

Encrypted storage – local and cloud:

It records videos to a micro SD card and the Reolink Cloud when detecting motion. You can access your protected Cloud video history via the Reolink App or web page anytime and from any location.

Playback and smart detection:

With smart person/vehicle detection, this bullet surveillance camera identifies true threats while reducing false alerts thanks to a cutting-edge detection algorithm. You can easily filter the videos by different detection modes to replay what you want.

2-way talk and remote control:

Access your Reolink Go Plus anytime and from any location to check what's happening and share a live view with family or friends. You can communicate with people on the other side and deter potential criminals through the built-in microphone and speaker.


  • The camera is integrated with an easy-to-use app,
  • It contains many customization options, reasonable prices, and dependable equipment - all critical factors.


  • There are few prepaid wireless options, and the costs can quickly add up.
  • There is no way to mount it on a bookshelf or table.
  • The battery drains quickly, but there is a low-cost solar panel option.

5. Also Good: Reolink 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera

Product Overview:

  • Recommended uses - Pet Monitoring, Outdoor Security, etc.
  • Brand - REOLINK
  • Model Name - GO PT Plus+SP
  • Connectivity Technology - 3G/4G LTE
  • Special Features - HD Resolution, 2-Way Audio, Night Vision, Motion Sensor, and PTZ Technology.

Detailed Rundown


Untethered Mobile Security:

This 4G security camera is portable and can be installed anywhere without Wi-Fi, thanks to its wire-free Feature. Connecting to the Reolink Solar Panel will provide continuous power and relieve you of the burden of charging the battery.

2K Resolution:

The LTE solar camera's ability to pan 355° and tilt 140° increases its versatility in capturing the perfect shot.

Smart Motion Detection Features:

The advanced technology of analyzing person and vehicle shapes provides accurate detection to the cellular security camera, reducing false alarms on minor object movements.

Storage flexibility:

It comes with a 32GB SD card and optional Reolink Free 7-day Cloud service, which can be used for video storage in either case. When replaying the videos, select the human/vehicle option to quickly confirm what triggered the alarms.

Hostile weather resilience:

The IP64 weatherproof standard aids sunny, rainy, or snowy usage. There is no need for Wi-Fi or wires, making installation as simple as possible in any location.


  • Can operate independently or without internet connectivity.


  • The Round Case Design does not appeal to me.
  • There is no Wi-Fi.
  • It can be costly to use.

6. Also Good One: Eufy security Model

Product Overview:

  • Recommended Use - Home, Garage, Farm, Hunting, Outdoors
  • Brand - Eufy security
  • Connectivity Technology - Wireless
  • Special Feature - Night Vision

About Eufy



Avoid cords and wires by installing the 4G LTE Starlight Camera anywhere, without Wi-Fi, for easy monitoring. It is weather and temperature resistant.

Carrier of your choice:

The SIM card included in the package supports AT&T and T-Mobile networks and comes with 100MB of free data valid for seven days. After the initial data has been used or expired, the data recharge price starts at $6 for 500MB to be used within 30 days.

2K Color:

The Starlight Sensor provides powerful 2K color precision 24 hours a day. With a 120° field of view, you'll see more of your surroundings, allowing you to protect your property better.

Over three-month battery life:

With up to 3 months of battery life, you can avoid frequent replacements. You'll never need to change a battery again if you install the eufyCam Solar Panel Charger.

In-built AI:

With built-in AI, you can filter out up to 95% of false alarms and only receive important alerts.


  • High image clarity or Resolution.
  • When suspicious motions are detected, you will be notified in seconds.


  • Unfortunately, flaws were discovered in Eufy's Homebase 2 video storage and management device. That can enable hackers to gain control of the hub, regulate it remotely, or rob video footage.

7. Also Good: 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera Ebitcam

Product Overview:

  • Recommended Uses - Outdoor
  • Brand - Ebitcam
  • Model Name - SC12
  • Connectivity Technology - 4G LTE
  • Special Features Include - Color Night Vision, PIR Humanoid Sensor, 4G LTE, Cloud, and Local Storage, and 2-Way Audio.

Detailed Description:


Remote Access and 4G LTE:

An Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi is not required for the CAMCAMP cellular security camera. It supports Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile and includes a SIM card with 100M data.

Weatherproof IP66 & Solar Charging:

The CAMCAMP 4G LTE security camera includes an 8000mAh battery. Connect the security camera to the 4W solar panel outside, and it will receive continuous power, saving you from constantly charging the battery.

PTZ and 3MP HD Color Night Vision:

The solar-powered security camera captures sharp, clear footage with a 3MP resolution for greater visual detail. Provide color and infrared night vision modes for your night recordings, with a night vision range of up to 10 meters (33 feet).


The CAMCAMP battery-powered security camera will intelligently detect people through heat, reducing false alarms caused by rain, wind, leaves, insects, and other factors.

Flexible Storage Options and Outstanding Customer Service:

The AMCAMP 3MP PTZ no Wi-Fi security camera supports cloud and local storage (up to 128 GB Micro SD card, NOT included). So, you can store videos in either location. This wire-free CCTV camera comes with a 30-day cloud service that is activated when the camera is turned on.


  • It does not require cables.
  • High flexibility
  • Secured Footage
  • Simple Access.


  • Requires constant Wi-Fi connection. Any flickering can result in data loss.

8. Also Good: Xega 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera

Quick Recap:

  • Recommended use - Outdoor Security
  • Brand - Xega
  • Connectivity Technology - Wireless
  • Special Feature - Night Vision and Motion Sensor
  • Usage – Outdoor

More about Xega


4G LTE compatibility Coverage:

The XEGA S20 wireless outdoor cellular security camera can work anywhere there is 4G LTE coverage, and no Wi-Fi is required. Provides a wire-free environment for a garden, country house, or construction site.

Solar-powered and high-capacity battery:


With a built-in 14400mAh rechargeable battery, this outdoor wireless camera can work without an electric cable anywhere. The solar panel's continuous power supply will provide the camera with a long run time. This security camera is IP66 waterproof; you never have to worry about rain or snow damaging it.

Wide View with 2K Super HD:

The camera can pan 355° and tilt 95°, increasing the solar camera's flexibility to get the perfect view without blind spots.

Solar-powered and high-capacity battery:

With a built-in 14400mAh rechargeable battery, this outdoor wireless camera can work without an electric cable anywhere. The solar panel's continuous power supply will provide the camera with a long runtime.

Flexible Storage & Remote Access:

SD card storage (up to 128GB card) and cloud storage (30-day free trial), all videos can be replayed or downloaded directly from the Ubox APP.


  • It is durable
  • Has good night vision
  • Detects motion relatively quickly


  • Like most wireless cellular security cameras, the data is vulnerable to hackers.

9. Also Great: Arlo Pro  Spotlight Camera


Product Overview;

  • Recommended Uses - Indoor Security, Outdoor Security
  • Brand - Arlo
  • Model Name- Pro 4
  • Connectivity Technology - Wireless
  • Special Feature – 2-Way Audio, HD capture, Night Vision, Motion Detection, and Integrated Spotlight.

About Arlo


View a larger image:

The surveillance camera has a wide 160° diagonal viewing angle lens for auto image correction and reduction of the fisheye effect. It's ideal for surveilling medium and larger spaces.

Clearer details:

The wireless outdoor security cameras with advanced video quality record clear 2K HDR footage, allowing you to see finer details and zoom in on moving objects with clarity.

Light up the night:

You can use the outdoor camera's integrated spotlight to keep unwanted visitors at bay. Color night vision allows you to see features such as faces or license plates in full color, even at night.

Smart alerts:

Smarter alerts receive notifications from your home security cameras for people, vehicles, and packages.

Respond to notifications as soon as possible:

Make this wireless outdoor security camera your front door camera, and you'll be able to hear and speak to visitors at your door thanks to clear, two-way audio.

Every angle is covered:

The wire-free setup of this home security camera provides increased installation flexibility for getting the best view from your surveillance & security cameras.

Simple wire-free installation:

This is a wireless camera with a quick setup that does not require a hub or wiring; its Wi-Fi camera capability enables the home security system to connect directly to Wi-Fi for quick setup.


  • Ideal for surveilling medium and larger spaces
  • Simple Installation
  • Smart alerts and faster action
  • Even without an Arlo Secure Plan subscription, you can live stream and get audio and motion notifications.


  • Arlo's secure plan subscription costs a lot of money.

10. Also Good: 4G LTE Cellular Security – Vyze-Link

Product Overview:

  • Recommended use - Outdoor
  • Brand - Vyze-Link
  • Model Name - VYZ-KT3-4G-US
  • Connectivity Technology - Wireless
  • Special Feature (s) - Color Night Vision, PTZ Technology, Motion Sensor

Notable Features of 4G LTE


365 Solar Power:

This 100% wire-free 4G cellular camera is outfitted with a 5W solar panel, eliminating the need for a power plug.

Ideal for outdoor monitoring:

The IP66 cellular solar security camera works best on the AT&T/ T-Mobile/ Verizon 4G LTE network in the United States. A SIM card with free 100MB data is included.

AI human movement sensor:

Suppose the Passive Infrared sensor on the lte camera body detects motion or activity from humans or other moving objects. In that case, the cellular solar camera will immediately send a real-time APP notification alert.

TF card storage:

The TF card storage and AWS military-level cloud storage are available. So, you don't have to be concerned about data leakage if your camera is stolen or destroyed.

Rotation freedom:

This sim 4G camera has a flexible rotation mode, 355° pan, and 95° tilt and only supports digital zoom. Please remember that the camera package includes a 32GB TF card.


  • Includes aftersales services
  • Flexible rotation
  • The TF card storage and AWS military-level cloud storage are available


  • The AT&T/ T-Mobile/ Verizon 4G LTE network in the United States is required to function optimally.