What Does a Spy Camera Look Like?

What Does a Spy Camera Look Like?

Spy cameras have evolved tremendously over the years. They keep becoming smaller and smaller, making them easier to hide in practically anything imaginable. So yeah, it's tricky to know what a spy camera looks like, as they come in different shapes and sizes. But there are some standard ones. Read on to learn six of the most common kinds of spy cameras. 



1) Clock

Who would ever suspect a little instrument which innocently tells you what time it is to be a spy device? But believe it or not, this is the most spy-camera-friendly instrument out there. Be it an analog clock or a digital one, an infinitesimal spy cam can be installed in both. If it's an analog one we're speaking of, scan the digits on the device, notice the brand name and see if you find anything out of place. Digital clocks are ideal spy cams too. The jet-black ones usually conceal tiny cameras. Look out for the glare of their lenses in such clocks.



2) USB Flash Drive

USB flash drives are tiny. It's hard to concede the possibility that such compact instruments could indeed be spy cameras. But that is precisely what makes it perfect for spying. These instruments are ideal for hiding a camera. It's a tad tricky to detect cameras in these, but an extra effort would go a long way.



3) Electrical Outlets 

It's simple to install a hidden camera in Electrical outlets. Since the cams require electrical wiring of their own, such outlets make the setting-up hassle-free. The cameras are generally hidden behind the socket holes, so it's pretty hard to detect them at a swift glance. But now that you know that sockets could house hidden cameras do scan them if you feel like you're being watched. (1)



4) Power Adapters and Cell Phone Chargers

Power adapters and cell phone chargers are also quite common spy cameras. People don't usually suspect such devices to hide cameras, considering their small size and intricate construction. Even if you do notice a glare or something similar, you might pass it off as a part of the design. So they indeed make up for pretty nifty spy cameras.On the power adapter, you could spot the camera tucked into the hole between the + and the -. Although depending upon the imagination of the camera developer, it could be well-hidden anywhere in the adapter. You just have to scan meticulously. In cell phone chargers, on the other hand, look for any round or rectangular space that could provide room for a tiny camera's vision. It'll be tough to find it, but totally worth the time.



5) Pens and Pen Stand

Pen and pen stand spy cameras are not unheard of. In fact, many of these are sold on Amazon. Usually, you can spot a camera on a pen's cap. It's worth scanning the pen stand as well. Again, look for any spot which you think could provide vision to a small camera. Probe the construction and see if you can find anything out of place.




6) DVD Players

DVD players also make for nifty spy cameras. They have remote sensors, the glare of which could resemble the one from a camera lens. It would certainly be tricky to tell one apart from the other or even suspect the existence of it in the first place. But careful examination would give you a clue as to whether there's a hidden camera installed or not. The same is the case with TV boxes, which essentially have a similar construction as the DVD players. Look out for such cameras. 


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