What Do Hidden Cameras Look Like?

What Do Hidden Cameras Look Like?

Need some tips for identifying hidden cameras? Here's a guide to show you what most hidden cameras look like.

Knowing hidden cameras' different shapes and sizes may help you detect one.

In general, a tiny hidden camera can look like almost everything. For instance, It can look like a small pinhole or keychain. And these cameras are placed inside screws, smoke detectors, routers, or USB chargers.

Below are many different places hidden cameras can be added and how to detect them.


How to Detect Hidden Cameras in Smoke Detectors?


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Detecting a tiny camera inside the smoke detector cant be difficult. Most often, the smoke detector will be on the ceiling, and it is nearly impossible to detect the hidden camera with the naked eye. The best way is to climb up and inspect the smoke detector closely.

For this, you'll need a flashlight. Shine the flashlight on the smoke alarm and check for any camera lens inside the smoke detector. Remember to keep the room's light off during this process. It will make detecting the camera lens much easier.

However, if you cannot detect the hidden camera using a flashlight, use a professional hidden camera detector. A hidden camera detector is capable of detecting radio frequencies. It will detect the low frequencies that Wi-Fi connections are using.


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Even after all the above detecting methods, follow these steps if you aren't satisfied with the results.

  1. Pull out the smoke detector from the ceiling
  2. Remove the outer cover of the detector.
  3. Inspect the inside of the smoke detector for a hidden camera.


How to Detect Hidden Cameras in Screws?



A tiny spy camera inside a tiny screw is a genuine possibility; most of the time, the camera will be covered with a fake screw. These pinhole cameras can be hidden in any place.

You can use a flashlight to detect these tiny hidden cameras. Turn on the flashlight and check any odd-looking screws. Use a hidden camera detector if needed.

Quick Tip: You can also use hidden camera detector apps for detecting such spy cameras. You can find many hidden camera detector apps in the Google Play Store or the App Store with some brief research.


How to Detect a USB Charger Hidden Camera?


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The third most common item hidden cameras can be concealed in is USB chargers. This USB charger hidden cameras are a popular item in the market. The well-made compact design of the USB charger is excellent for hiding spy cameras.

Apart from that, the USB charger will charge the spy camera.

However, detecting a hidden camera in a USB charger is relatively easy. For instance, a normal USB charger shouldn't have any holes on its surface. So, inspect the surface of the charger for any holes.

Toilets and Bathrooms




A hidden camera can be concealed inside toilets. Usually, these spy cameras are waterproof and drilled into the porcelain. A hidden camera detector is the best way to detect a hidden camera inside a toilet.




A two-way mirror is another place that you should look out for when searching for spy cameras. If someone places a spy camera against the transparent side of the mirror, it will be very hard to notice.

If you can detect a small black circle in the mirror, it can be a hidden spy camera. However, as I said, detecting such a thing is nearly impossible. So, you'll have to get very close to the mirror and change the angle of the mirror a few times. It will change the angle that the light hits the mirror, and you might be able to spot a hidden camera.

Quick Tip: You can also use a flashlight for close inspection of the mirror. When you shine the flashlight on the mirror, you can easily spot the outlines of a spy camera if the mirror has one.


Other Typical Hidden Spy Cameras



Apart from the above five examples, there are lots of spy camera types that blend in with several different household items. Here are some of the most common ones.

  • Clothes Hook
  • Pen
  • Socket
  • Photo frame
  • Clock
  • Router

Most of the time, you don't even recognize when these disguised spy cameras are present.


What Should I Do After I Detect Hidden Cameras in My Home?

When you detect a hidden camera, there are a few steps that you should follow carefully.

  • First, take your smartphone and take a picture of the hidden camera.
  • Then, make sure you don't touch the hidden camera under any circumstances. You might contaminate any fingerprints you find on the camera.
  • If the hidden camera has a brand name or serial number, note it down.
  • Finally, contact the police.

Quick Tip: Remember to contact the hotel admin if you are in a hotel room. If you are in a rental apartment, inform the landlord.


Is It Legal to Use a Hidden Spy Camera?

Surveillance laws change from country to country, or in the US, they might change from state to state. However, the fundamental law remains the same: you cannot use a hidden camera in a way that can affect one's privacy.

For instance, using a hidden camera in a shop or mall is legal. But using hidden cameras in rental apartments, rental cars, hotel rooms, and Airbnbs is illegal.

Quick Tip: One must obtain a warrant or own the property to set up a hidden surveillance system.


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