Does a Hidden Camera Detector Work?

Does a Hidden Camera Detector Work?

You'll find various devices and apps if you search for hidden camera detectors. You might have bought a hidden camera detector online or downloaded a hidden camera detector app from the Google Play Store or the App Store. But do these gadgets and apps work? Or are they just a money grab?

In general, most hidden camera detectors work smoothly. These devices can detect radio frequencies, magnetic fields, hidden camera lenses, and infrared. When it comes to hidden camera apps, they won't give you as good results as hidden camera detectors. But some apps can be handy while you are in a hotel room or change room.

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Can I Find a Working Hidden Camera Detector?


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Without a doubt, you can find a working hidden camera detector. Most of the time, these devices work fine.

In the next section, I will describe the different types of hidden camera detectors. It will give you a concrete answer as to whether the hidden camera detectors are working or defunct. And at the same time, it will help you decide on a hidden camera detector.


Different Types of Hidden Camera Detectors and Their Working Mechanism

You can find many different hidden camera detectors in marketplaces such as Amazon or Google. And the working mechanism of these gadgets might vary from device to device. So, here are some of the most common hidden camera detectors.

The One Trick Ponies


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These types of hidden camera detectors are the most common ones, and they are easy to use. For an example of this type of detector, we will use a typical spy camera detector with a light mechanism for delineating spy cameras.

Our device example is a pocket-sized hidden spy camera detector you can use in hotels and motels. And here's how it works.


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To use it, look through the viewfinder (a piece of plastic) and press the button at the top of the device. It will activate the six super bright red LEDs. These six lights are designed to bounce back from the hidden camera's reflective surface.


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Hence, a light will start blinking at the hidden camera surface when the device detects a hidden camera.

This device has three sensitivity levels; High, Open, and Low. You can change the desired settings according to your requirements.

The Radio Frequency Detectors


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The radio frequency detector devices are far more advanced than the above-talked-about gadgets. For instance, they provide detection via a blinking LED light. At the same time, they offer radio frequency detection, magnetic field detection, and infrared detection.


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The typical radio frequency detector has all the above features and more. As you can see from the above image, it has a knob, antenna, magnetic detector cable, and a view panel.

The Knob

You can use the knob to turn off/on the Detector. And also you can change the device's sensitivity with the knob.


The antenna is capable of detecting radio frequencies. And if any Wi-Fi camera is detected, the Advanced Detector will start beeping.

Magnetic Detector Cable

A magnetic detector cable is capable of detecting any magnetic field. For instance, if you bring the cable close to a small magnet, a LED light will start flashing. This magnetic field detection is an excellent tool for checking GPS trackers.

View Panel


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If you see through the view panel, it will indicate any hidden cameras nearby.

Important: While using the Detector, you can change it from RF detection mode to magnetic field detection mode.

AM FM Transmitter Detectors

These devices are rare and allow you to see what the hidden camera sees. But most devices have the technology to detect AM and FM (analog modulation transmitter). Unfortunately, they cannot detect Wi-Fi-enabled and Bluetooth signals. Hence, with modern tech hidden cameras, these devices might seem obsolete.


Which Hidden Camera Detector is the Best?

Well, it depends on your requirement and budget. Per my experience, devices such as light and radio frequency detectors work flawlessly and are inexpensive. I've used these excellent products to detect hidden spy cameras in hotels and rented apartments.

However, if you are looking for more advanced hidden camera detectors, you'll have to spend more money. And remember to do some good research before buying any device. Because most of the devices in the market are fake, buying such devices can lower your opinion of hidden camera detectors.

Sometimes, you might not know how to use a hidden camera detector. That doesn't mean the device is fake. So, read the instruction manual and research how to use the particular device. Or contact the support if needed.


Some Good Options for Detectors That Work

As I mentioned above, many hidden camera detectors are available in the market. So, here are some of the best items with their specifications.


Gadget RF Magnetic Hidden Lens InfraRed Frequency Range
K68 Yes Yes Yes Yes 1MHz-8GHz
Jepwco G4 Pro Yes No Yes No 1MHz-6.5GHz
Latnex SPA-6G Yes No No No 15MHz-2.7GHz
JMDHKK M8000 Yes Yes Yes No 1MHz-6.5GHz
SpyHawk Pro-10G Yes No No No 1MHz-10GHz


How to Check if the Hidden Camera Detector Works?

If you need clarification on the usability of the hidden camera detector or app you use, there is a simple way to test the credibility of the device.

You can check the device with the help of a Wi-Fi router or smartphone camera.

1. Set the detector to RF mode and move it close to the router. If the device is working, it should start beeping.

2. Turn on the smartphone camera and look at the lens using the detector's view panel. If the device is working, you should see a blinking LED light.


Do Hidden Camera Detector Apps Work?


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Now you have a good understanding of hidden camera detectors and how they work. But what about the so-called hidden camera detector apps? Are they working?

I believe hidden camera detector apps aren't the best solution for detecting hidden cameras. In truth, most of the apps don't work. But that doesn't mean these apps are completely useless. Some apps work but won't give you the same result as the hidden camera detector devices.

You can download hidden camera detector apps from the Google Play Store or the App Store. Some apps are completely free, and some are not so much. With that in mind, here are some of the best-hidden camera detector apps that you can get.

  1. Hidden Spy Camera Detector
  2. Hidden Camera Detector
  3. Hidden Camera Detector – Spy Camera Finder
  4. Hidden Device Detector Camera
  5. Hidden Camera Finder 


How to Use Hidden Camera Detector Apps?

Using a hidden camera detector app is relatively easy. For this demonstration, I'll teach you how the Hidden Camera Detector app works.


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  1. Launch the app from your smartphone.
  2. Select the Magnetometer option.
  3. Move the smartphone to the suspicious object.
  4. The magnetic sensor will look for any magnetic activity in the area. If the app detects something, it will start beeping immediately.

Important: You'll need a smartphone that has a magnetic sensor for this app. And these types of apps are suitable for detecting wired hidden cameras.


What Should I Do After Detecting Hidden Cameras?

Take a picture of the hidden camera whenever you detect it in your apartment or hotel room. You can use this as evidence against the landlord or the hotel manager.

Then, contact the police and inform them about the hidden camera. Placing a spy camera in your hotel room is against the law. So, you might be able to get a refund, or you'll get another apartment or hotel room covered and compensated.


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